Drone #1


Heís a pitcher, related, heís a gainer, mechanical and the winningís a workday, opportunity is making it all, and now you could be, itís unbended anyhow. I get inspired byÖ Heís a pacer at high speed, heís a giver, youíll take it or what, and you noticed the down load, what youíre doing is what youíre made of, and now we could be, itís unbended anyhow. Iíve been all wired byÖ Or we could get it and emulsify. Whatís your time?


Hire a hand and add a dab of gold, repeat punching in and sprinkle with your soul, youíre sold. And I thought Iíd be so set, the little things and promised check, well make it out to anyone, Ďcause itís taken. Let down the guard, expect for what is need, when used and alarmed is made from what you see, youíre seen. And I wouldíve worked so hard if you let me do my job, the bomb is set from nine to five and itís ticking. The higher the man, the farther off the ground, youíre slave to the in and maid to the out, you win.

Robot Pets

Isnít it a century yet in this room built around me, feeding all the robot pets with freedom talk and batteries? Maybe we have lost the chord to run the silent loop in time, maybe we could overthrow and get to something more designed, maybe with a clear connection chemicals will realign. Maybe. Isnít it a decade since original escape was set, leaving the decision to a semi-conscious beeping head? Maybe we have evidence all stacked around as worthy writ, maybe all the preparation circulates to where we sit, maybe now the only thing thatís really left to do is it. Maybe.

The Walking Dead

Havenít I been here before? Even if I locked the door would you be scoped in the hole outside? Even though we say depends, even if memory the end, I still get kicked out of when we died. And even when the weight was on the other side of shuffling, the walking dead. If you attempted to run would you be safe with a gun, already taken the one time shot? Tastier night on the town, body not keeping it down, back to life ready or sorely not. And even when youíre living on the other side of shuffling, the walking dead.

Evangelistic Temple (E.T.)

Fall down the well, the water roars my dear and I canít hear you. Behold my hell, doesnít the ladder shine, the climb built for two. When youíve been driven by rule, the car youíre in feeds only on fool. I can get past the helicopter pad, put the first the last and weíve been had. You had me at welcome. So suit yourself, youíve always been chair untied, but the sky is higher. Born into wealth, but what does the deathbed hold when youíre sold on fire. Itís a windy race to the finish. Did you save me?

Dimensional Man

Out of the dust, he rises up, reluctance of. Feel around, it canít unflat as it can. There you are the new dimensional man. Read your heart, you read my mind again. Long ago already colored you in. What must be done, one room for one, regarding none. Itís that time, a divot where you began. There you find the new dimensional man. Half a mind to raise the punch again. Save your kind for who is tucking you in. Oh, itís a kind of hero tool to make the making of. Oh, itís a kind of avenue that youíve been paving up.


Whoís the one fucking this up and who gave it all to the way? Whoís the one giving me up and who gave it all away? Whoís the one getting me down? Whoís the one trying to find out? Whoís the one letting me go? Whoís the one making it so? I miss you already.


Yes my guess is good as yours, in my home Iíve cleaned the floors of you. Take the job when made the tall, battered batter flatten all, flip the blame or flip to fall for it. Pancake. Get your knife believe itís butter and get your might believe itís clutter. Sweet immobile cloud make up the stiff that dreams were made of for you. So treat the pig accordingly.

Sunday Evening

So fine Iíll be tested on, youíll in time lose your helium and Iíll stay right here focused on my space to breathe. Some kind of wasted motion when it takes time just to set it in and I canít wait for a born again to forgive me. I played on Sunday evening video games it made my day. So nice to be setting up just in time for the purpose of and when those who have seen enough of what I see. Some kind of taken menu when it tastes like what is given you and even ghosts have arisen to believe in me. I played on Sunday evening dungeon games it made my day.